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December 27, 2011

Eat, pray, love

Answer the listening comprehension questions below from the movie track Eat, pray, love (2011).The answers are in the "comentario".

 1. Liz's friend thinks that Liz _________________.
  a. should go back to college
  b. should go talk with a college kid
  c. is behaving in an immature way 
2. Liz's friend thinks Liz will miss her ______________.
  a. friends and family
  b. job
  c. city 
3. Liz wants to ______________.
  a. increase her ability to work harder
  b. recover her appetite for life
  c. find the perfect spaghetti recipe 
4. Liz thinks that Italy is a place where she will be able to ______________.
  a. get excited about life again
  b. relax
  c. go on a diet 
5. How long has Liz either "been with a guy or breaking up with a guy"? _______________.
  a. For the past 15 years
  b. Since she was 15
  c. 15 times

December 26, 2011

NI2 writings

Dear NI2, I'd like you to have a look at these compositions of your classmates. They are simple, well-structured and  to the point.Have a good day!  Ni2 articles on medicine

The Curious Incident

Dear NI2,

How is your reading going on? Do you like the book? What are you reading now? Do you like it? Tell us!

In the meantime watch this video and tell us, what topics does this video deal with?
- Communication and the meaning of symbols among humans, what else?

December 23, 2011

Homework for the holidays

Dear NI2 students,

For Christmas we are going to read The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time. There are some activities staged for January  11th and 12th. 

I'd also like you to write down a note of about 100-120 words following the instructions: 

Today you attended a job interview. As you arrive home you see this note from your flatmate:
How did it go!!??
I've gone to the cinema. I don't think I'll be back before you go to bed. PLEASE, leave me a note telling me ALL about it!

Write an note dealing with:
  • the interviewers
  • the questions 
  • the impression you think you made

December 21, 2011

American Cities

Dear NI1 students,

For Christmas we will read American Citites, the chapter on Chicago, San Francisco and the origins of Music in the USA.

When coming back we'll correct: exercises on
- p: 48-49;
- p. 55 exercise 1;
- p. 64-66 ex. 1, 2, 3, 4 and
- p. 75 ex. 1. After we finish reading the book in January, we'll have a little test on the book focusing on reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening.

As for now, how about doing and interactive listening on American Cities? Click on the circles that you want to listen to:

December 20, 2011

Christmas Festival on Thursday 22nd

Dear all,

On Thursday 22nd the school is going to hold a Christmas festival so we've organized some activities.
  • 16:30 -18:30 Christmas Carol (Movie in Room 3)
  • 17- 18h Christmas Pop Quiz  (Room 6)
  • 18:30 Modern Family at Christmas (series in Room 1)    
 I encourage you all to come over and if you wish, bring some apetizers.

December 15, 2011

Practice conditionals

Dear NI2, 
You can practice conditional sentences on these Better English links: 

The Brooklyn Bridge

Dear NI1, 

Find information about one of the most important bridges in New York, the Brooklyn bridge. When was it built? Who built it? Why was is it important at the time?  If you wish to see some photographs of the state of New York click here.

December 13, 2011

The business of being Lady Gaga

Dear NI2, 

Here's a video about an icon of our modern world. What's your opinion about her? Do you support her causes? Do you like her music? Do you approve of her fashion designs? 

December 09, 2011

Christmas Customs

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December 05, 2011 

From Mcmillan

In the UK, our bringer of Christmas presents spends the night of December 24th coming down chimneys and leaving presents for children to find on the morning of Christmas Day. We call him Father Christmas, though he’s also known as Santa Claus. On what we like to call the Continent many people give presents and celebrate on December 6th, which is the saint’s day of Saint Nicholas (or święty Mikołaj or Saint Nicolas or Heilige Nikolaus or… well, it depends on where in Europe you are).

In Holland, he’s known as Sinterklaas – and Sinterklaas is the origin of the name Santa Claus. They must be very impatient in Holland, because the Dutch can’t even wait until December 6th, and do their present-giving on the eve of Sinterklaas, the evening of December 5th.

To help you through the excitement of Christmas, there’s an Advent Calendar you can check between now and Christmas Eve. Every day, there’s a new little nugget of festive information. You could open all the windows at once, but it’s much more fun to do it day by day.

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December 08, 2011

Ellis Island

When reading chapter 2 from "American Cities" we learn about how European immigrants entered the US. They all stopped in Ellis Island, especially between 1892 and 1954. Watch this video about the facilities they had at the time. Do you think they were enough? How would you feel?


The cost of a skeptical society

Dear NI 2 students,

In class we talked about how  young generations in Spain are more skeptical about society than previous generations. 

  1. What are the reasons given in the text for young people to be skeptical? Is there any other you can think of?
  2. Do you agree with the text?
  3. Which generation do identify with?
Think about it and give us your opinion about it!

December 06, 2011

Healthcare Insurance in the UK

Dear NI2, 

In class we saw a trailer from Michael Moore's Siko about Healthcare insurance in the US. Thanks to my collegue Carolina. 
I'd like you to have a look at this video about doctors in the UK where heathcare is supervised by the state, the NHS (National Health Service). 
  • How much are doctors paid in the UK?
  • How can they increase their salaries?
  • Do you think that doctors deserve to be well paid as in the UK? 

On the other hand, there are a few issues I'd like you to comment and drop your opinion on the comentario: 
1. Health insurance isn't very important for me. 
2. Everyone should have health insurance, unless they choose not to have it. 
3. The health care in my country is great. 
4. All health care should be free. 
5. I'm not at all worried about my health

December 05, 2011

Thanks to my teachers

Thanks to all the teachers who taught me what I know today! I specially remember Mrs Rosi, Mr Felix Martin and Mr Juan Manuel González. How about you? Do you have a special teacher in mind who taught you something unforgettable?

December 03, 2011

NI1 H (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Dear NI1H group,

These are your assignments for this coming week (Dec 5th-12):

- Read and answer questions from "American Cities", ex. 1, 2, 3, 4 pages 13-14

- Handout on the future tenses

- Study grammar on Present Perfect Continuous (p 132) and do activities on p 133 (answers below)

- "My life without money" p. 22. Read text from coursebook  and check your answers below:

December 02, 2011



This post is for Tuesdays-Thursdays NI2 group. As we aren't meeting till Dec 13th, I'd like to remind people of assignments for these days:

- Writing assignment. A for-and-against composition (p. 34) on either:
        - What are the advantages and disadvantages of the public health service in Spain? or
        - What are the advantages and disadvantages of alternative medicine.

- Handout on conditionals 

- Way Idioms handout. Write down sentences using the expressions on this link. Why don't you drop your sentences here? I won't stand on your way if you want to keep studying English outside the classroom ;-)

- "The cost of a skeptical society"  Read the text you'll find on pages 4 and 5 below:
You may read ElPais in English in this link