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January 27, 2011

The king's speech

We are going to watch "The King's Speech", join us!!!
That will be Wednesday, February 2nd at 20:30 at Cine Renoir Princesa
Buy your ticket and meet us at the pop corn stand inside the cinema!

Princesa, 3 - 28008 MADRID
Buses: 1, 2, 44, 74, 133 y 138
Metro: Plaza de España o Ventura Rodríguez

I just made a new Voki. See it here:

February 23rd, 2011

Your typical day
2. Your weekends
Describe your house
Your favorite room in your house
A famous person
Think of 2 relatives and talk about them
Your friends
Three important dates in your life

January 25, 2011

A special day

Dear NB1 students,

As we said in class, why don't you write down about a special celebration? Where is it celebrated? What is a special day for you like? When is it? What do you do that day? Tell us!

How to get your kids to do housework

In this video from Videojug you can see how to teach your children to clean the house. Isn't it useful?

/tʃɔ:r / (tarea)
have a go (intertarlo)
challenge (desafío)
hide (ocultar) > hiding
treats (recompensas)
rewarding (gratificante)
tidy = untidy (ordenado)
If you want to read the script, click here

January 24, 2011

Come fly with me

Little Britain, a British sketch comedy show, is back again with a new hilarious movie, Come fly with me. Ready for a good laugh? Click here


Dear NI1,

In these links from the New English File (Intermediate) web site, you can practice the different tenses we've seen so far:

- Present Simple/present continuous 1
- Present Simple/Present Continuous 2
- Past Simple/ Past Continuous
- Present Perfect
- Time expressions
- Modal Verbs
- Have to/ be allowed to
- Modal verbs of probability (Past)
- Modal verbs of probability (Present)
- Questions with "like"

Vocabulary: Prefixes and suffixes

January 13, 2011

Water surges leave death, destruction

Dear NI1 students, listen to the news in Australia in English. Australia continues to grapple with its worst flooding in decades, as the number of missing climbs. This video from the CNN was published on Monday 11th, but apparently floods today are going to get worse today!!!

Answer the following questions. Write down your answer in the comentario, please!

1. Answer the following questions:

How many people have died?
Has the weather improved recently.
What happened to the house in the video?
What happened to the three people on top of the car roof?
2. Listen again and complete the gaps.
  1. A scene of _________________ devastation at least 4 people died here.
  2. Thousands of people spent the night _____________.
  3. This family ______________ in desperation.
  4. What this bad weather is doing is ___________ our search and rescue efforts.
  5. The river is called Sunday Creek. It’s an ______________ sea.
  6. Emergency chiefs went much further: this could be called ______________ .
  7. We have a _____________ and ________________ situation.
  8. Given the circumstances, we hold great concerns for many of those people who are ___________________ for in this region.
  9. The rain isn’t _____________ up.

January 12, 2011

A book review

Have you read any interesting books recently? For this weekend we are going to work on a Book Review. You can leave your compositions in the comentarios or give it to me in class next week.

For some guidelines, click here, and read p 76-77 from your workbook.

January 10, 2011


In these activities you can practice giving directions a bit more:

January 03, 2011

Giving Directions

Happy New Year to all NB1 students as well!

Why don't we watch this video on giving directions? We'll study how to give directions after the vacation. Do you understand the question the journalist makes? Do you understand any other expressions?

Key to Othello

Happy New Year to you all!

May the new year bring you all you wish. Hope you are having a good time as well!

And back to work, how are you doing with
Othello? Have you finished reading it? Did you have problems understanding anything? I'm posting here the key to the exercises from chapter 4 to chapter 10.

BTW, do you know who those two ladies in the picture might be? and what about the two men in the key? How do you know?