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September 30, 2011

Tweets and gaffes confuse Madrid’s education debate

Read about education in Madrid. Does it describe the situation as it is? Do you have another opinion? Is there something important missing?

Tweets and gaffes confuse Madrid’s education debate

September 27, 2011

Dear NI2 students,

Alessio Rastani - told the BBC the plan "won't work" and that people should be trying to make money from a market crash.

What do you think of this shocking video? Are you flabbergasted as the interviewer herself? Why does he say the governments don't have a say in the crisis? it's Goldman Sachs who does.

September 06, 2011


Dear NB1 & NI1 students,

I'm afraid it's impossible for me to show you your exams tonight. I'll be in the school tomorrow Wednesday 7th at 16h. Sorry for the inconvenience but I have an important meeting in another school!
Ms Bermejo

September 05, 2011

Shut up!

Judge by yourselves. This is the letter I received on September 2nd 2011:

September 04, 2011

We are not lazy!


September 02, 2011

My point of view

Dear students,

Sorry to say that the new course starts badly. 3,000 teachers are missing, they are not going to work in the class this year. We will have to start school without them. How can it be that nothing in the schools will change?

On the other hand, Esperanza Aguirre says we only work 20 hours a week. What not many people know is that we work in theory 37,5 hours a week. I would say even more. In fact, UNESCO says that 1 teaching hour corresponds to 3 working hours:

I'll speak of what I personally do in September. I have to:
- Administer and grade exams of NB1, NB2, NI1, NI2, NA1 and NA2, After having students do the exams it's time to grade, even at the weekends.
- I have to choose and go through the books to teach next year
- I have to prepare syllabuses of the courses I'm teaching next year
- Help organize the library and materials I want to use during the school year
- Read books, magazines, materials that might be of your interest
- Attend school and department meetings

During the year, apart from teaching in class I:

- Go through internet to catch up with the current news to try to incorporate them in class in English
- Update this eblog
- Think of activities that will help you understand and practice language better
- Select the best materials to use in class and to review in the blog
- Do courses in the morning as they are necessary to be updated and they are required by law as well.
- Know about the new technologies to apply in class
- Attend school and department meetings
- Correct compositions
- Attend to your needs and questions in the school of by email
- Evaluate your progress outside the class
- Elaborate exams and tests
- Participate in the school cultural events
- Guide your learning outside the class (opportunities to use English, links, meeting, penpals...)
- Read legislation applied to education

Saying that teachers only work 20 hours is like saying Casillas only works 90 minutes.

I am a firm believer in the opportunity and right of anybody to study languages and progress. And that nobody can take the right to learn away from us. Nobody!

For a public, universal education with freedom of thought!!

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