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May 22, 2017

Exam Schedule

The written exam tomorrow May 23rd will follow this schedule:


16h - 17:15    Reading Comprehension (75')
17:20 - 17:50 Listening Comprehension (30')
18 - 19:10      Written Expression (70')

As you already know, the speaking exam schedule is as follows:
  1. Speaking Exam on May 31st
  2. Speaking Exam on June 2nd

May 19, 2017

Keep practicing

You may want to work on the following topics from MyGrammarLab:

Reported Speech:
  • Reported Statements, p 204
  • Reported Questions, p 208
Verbs with -ing forms and infinitives:
  • Verbs + -ing form, p 192
  • Verbs + infinitive, p 194
  • Verb + object+ infinitive, make and let, p 196

May 18, 2017

Listening practice


As promised, I'm posting some links to listening exercises for NI1. 
Source: Talk English


Key to exercises

This is the key to the last handout I gave you in class:
Matching Reading Key:

1 - D
2 - F
3 - B
4 - E
5 - H
6 - G
7 - C
8 - A

May 13, 2017

I gave a room in my house to a refugee – now she’s like my sister

When Lucy Pavia and her husband offered Loujean Alsaman, a refugee from Syria, a room in their home, none of them knew what to expect. But over the six months they spent together, the women forged a close, sisterly bond.

The Guardian

What would you do?

What would you do in these situations? think about it.

Your friend wants to get a part-time job in the evening but she is afraid of coming home in the dark. Write an email giving her some advice. Use the second conditional.

May 11, 2017

Assignment for May 16 & 17


For the long weekend I'd like you to work on the following activities:
  • Writing: Write a text describing a house or flat. Write a description of your house or flat for a house rental website. Follow models on page 118 from the Coursebook

  • My gramar lab: Unit 54, Present and Future conditions, pages 162-163; Unit 55, Unlikely/Unreal conditions, p 164-165

May 09, 2017

The Cigar Makers. 51, Embajadores Street

The Royal Tobacco Factory in Madrid was originally built to house the Royal Factory of Playing Cards and Liquor, but in 1809, Joseph Bonaparte decided to turn it into a tobacco factory.
Listen to the history that took place just next door to our school!!

Fill in the gaps according to the information you hear:
1.      Women were ……………………. and better at rolling cigars.
2.      They could …………………………… their children.
3.      The women cigar makers were …………………… in the workers’ struggle in Spain.
4.      Galdos thought that women at the Tobacco Factory were the delight of the people and the …………………. of the authorities.
5.      The Tobacco Workers Union was created in ……………………
6.      Clara Campoamor and Victoria Kent …………………… on topics related to women.
7.      After 2000 the memory of the women tobacco factory workers slowly ……………………………. in the city.

May 06, 2017

La-la land

From The English we speak (BBC Learning English), listen to the dialogue and tell us what the expression "la-la land" means.


May 05, 2017

Golden Buzzer moment

This is a winning performance of two young rappers against bullying on Britain's Got Talent tv show.

May 04, 2017

Madrid, city of women

I'd like to tell you about this app made by the Complutense University of Madrid in order to tell the story of women who lived in this city. Thanks to the app you can you can make a guided tour around the city stopping by the most important landmarks for women in Madrid.

Listen to this video as an example:

May 02, 2017

6 top tips for revising

It's time to revise!

It will soon be time to sit your exams - but before you do, it's important to revise. Watch this video to pick up six top tips for revising - and then test your understanding in our quiz.

BBC Learning English
Watch the video