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December 28, 2013

The technical toys on children's Christmas wish lists


This is an interesting BBC video about the latest trends in toys selected by your classmate Sole. You may find useful to try to define the words below.
And you? have you made your wish list yet?
must-have toys
interactive toys
digital native

December 18, 2013

December 16, 2013


These are wonderful links Alicia talked to us about today. They are all related to jobsearching so you may find very good tips on them:
  1. Video-  Are job fairs the best route to findingemployment?
  2. Video-  Botox your CV and online profile
  3. Video- Six steps to abetter job interview

Peter O'toole


Peter O'Toole, the Hollywood legend who was made famous in his title role in Lawrence of Arabia, died on Saturday in a London hospital

Listen to this BBC video and try to understand. There are new words you may not know:  
hell-raiser: A rowdy, troublesome, or unruly person.
booze, n. informal word for alchool 

December 13, 2013

Grammar Practice

You may get extra practice on these grammar aspects in the New English File links below:
Grammar Aquarium:

F. Pienaar's momories of Madiva


This is the interview Silvia talked to us about in class. You may read the full article in this link to BBC sport.

The image of Nelson Mandela handing South Africa captain Francois Pienaar the Rugby World Cup after the Springboks' 15-12 victory over New Zealand in 1995 is an iconic image of sport and politics combined.

December 10, 2013

6 Q's about the Farewell to Nelson Mandela

The questions below are based on this video from The New York Times:

  1. HOW did Nelson Mandela first come to the world’s attention?
  2. WHAT was apartheid?
  3. WHAT is the African National Congress?
  4. WHAT did Mr. Mandela say in his courtroom speech when he was arrested in the 1960s, a speech this video calls “one of the most eloquent of his life”?
  5. WHERE did he spend 18 years in prison?
  6. WHAT was “one of the most momentous decisions of his life,” made without consulting his comrades in the African National Congress because he knew they would resist?
  7. WHEN was he released from prison?
  8. WHAT was South Africa like at the time he was freed?
  9. WHO is F. W. de Klerk?
  10. HOW does this video depict and describe Mr. Mandela’s political campaign and the elections of 1994?
  11. HOW did he use rugby to win over white South Africans when he was president?
  12. HOW, according to the video, did Mr. Mandela fall short as president?
  13. HOW did Mr. Mandela spend his life after he left the presidency?
  14. According to Bill Keller, for WHAT will he be remembered first and foremost?

December 06, 2013

Nelson Mandela, 1964: 'I am prepared to die'

Dear students,

This is an extract from a Mandela's famous speech. Let's remember his words today in his honour. 
Extracts from Nelson Mandela's statement from the dock at the opening of his trial on charges of sabotage at the supreme court of South Africa in Pretoria on 20 April 1964. Mandela, leader of the African National Congress and of the struggle against the racist apartheid regime, was given a life sentence, of which he served 27 years, most of which was in the prison on Robben Island.
Find out more about the speech

Rodriguez - I Wonder

Remember that on Monday it is the school's Cultural Day. At 16:30 we will be watching Searching for Sugar Man. Enjoy the song we heard in class again!

Let's complain!


As we agreed in class, you are going to work on complaint letters this long weekend. If the assignment on page 123 of your Coursebook does not inspire you, find more complain situations below:
  1. You buy a toy truck as a Christmas present for a child. On Christmas Day, the child hurts him or herself badly when on finger is trapped between the wheels and body of the truck. You write to the manufacturer.
  2. You find out that the Council plans to chop down all the trees in your street, build a supermarket next to your house, put "No Parking" signs all along your street. You wish to protest and so decide to write a letter.
  3. You share a small 2-bedroom flat with one other person. You receive a notice saying your rent will rise by 20euros per week. You feel the rent rise is unfair for the following reasons - the flat is in great need of repair   - the last rent rise was 3 months ago  - you are very good tenant  - the rise will mean you have to get a third tenant

Let's talk about Spain


This is just a reminder of what we will be doing next week. You have to read ONE of these articles according to the assignment in class, and then present it to your four-member group on Tuesday or Wednesday:

This is an idea that my colleague Cristina suggested to me. Thanks!

December 04, 2013

Melilla's Border Stories


Listen to this BBC Assignment podcast on Melilla that José Luis talked to you about. 

Melilla is one of Europe’s most southerly land borders with Africa, a town under intense pressure from migration, Linda Pressly investigates.
Download 13MB (right click & "save target as / link as")
Duration: 27 mins 
Date: 31st Oct 2013 

December 03, 2013

A complaint-letter assignment

Dear NI2 students,

You have to write a complaint letter at the weekend. Apart from p, 122-123 on your coursebook, you can find extra info on complaint letters in the doc below.

December 01, 2013

How to complain in English


As we are going to deal with complaints in class this week, why not read this dialogue and expressions from Hot English Magazine at home? Listen to the dialogue in this link.


Cultural Day Program


As you already know, our school cultural day will take place on December 9th. We will be able to watch and comment afterwards on a very recommendable movie, Searching for Sugar Man at 16:30 at the High School Hall next door. I vividly recommend you to come over and see it.

Right after that, at 19h, a German teacher will teach us how to dance Waltz. It'll be fun!

At the same time the cooking contest will take place in rooms 13 and 15 at our school. You may take your sweet dishes to room 13 and savoury ones to room 15.

Prizes for the mini saga contest will be given at 19:45 at the High School hall as well as the prizes for the gastronomic contest.
You'll be able to taste everything in rooms 13 and 14 at the end of the day.

For a full program, click here.

Have a great day