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April 26, 2012

Key to Reading on p. 70-71

Slow down, you move too fast, Reading on p. 70-71.

1. encourage        2. increase            3. ban                  4. promote
5. reduce             6. protect

Counter-revolution is a movement whose aim is to slow life down (so that we live in a happier and healthier way).

c. A
1. Carlo Petrini, an Italian journalist. Because he saw that McDonald's had opened a restaurant in a beautiful square in Rome.
2. He thought it was tragic that people live too quickly to sit down to eat proper meal and that they only eat mass-produced food.
3. To encourage people to stop during the day and eat slowly, to use local shops and markets, eat out in small family restaurants, cook with traditional recipes.
4. It is now a global organization and members in 100 countries.

c. B
1. It was inspired by the Slow Food movement. It was started by the mayor of Greve in Italy.
2. It aims are to make our towns places where people enjoy living and working and to protect things that make the town different.
3. It has spread all over the world, e.g. Japan, Australia, etc.
4. Most people are very happy ("delighted") because they think it increases their quality of life. Teenagers aren't so happy. They have to travel 25km to the nearest city if they want excitement. 

government             movement
organization            relaxation
discussion               reaction
proposal                 survival
happiness                madness
possibility                similarity

April 23, 2012

April 21, 2012

NI2 Reading

Dear NI2,

This is the key to reading Wy Men don't Iron on pages 58 to59  from the coursebook:
1. Why men and women are so different
2. Why women are better with words
3. Why women get lost but are safer drivers
4. Why men don't iron
5. Why men can't find things
6. Why women don't fly planes

You can also read here the possible answers to the wrong sentences from the writing feedback:

April 15, 2012

Colin Firth in The King's Speech

Dear NI2 students,

Find the listening from Speak Up Magazine in this link: Colin Firth, Speaking Freely

It talks about the right to keep a private life when  you are a public person. What do you think about it? Are you entitled to decide which things to keep private and which not when you are a public figure? 
Do the Royal Family represent England? What else is representative of the British people?

The Intouchables

I've watched this movie at the weekend and I thought it was a great comedy with good actors and music. 

Alberto once commented whether it was a comedy or drama. I think that comedies are precisily that; a sad story is dealt with humor and a happy ending. In a comedy what might turn up wrong becomes a happy ending.


After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker. Two worlds are going to collide and come to terms with each other to give birth to a friendship as crazy, comical and strong as it is unexpected, a unique relationship that will create sparks and make them… Untouchable.

On the other hand, in the USA the film was thought to be "offensive", "which flings about the kind of Uncle Tom racism one hopes has permanently exited American screens". In the film Driss (Omar Sy) is of Senegalese descent. Most French journalists do not understand such an interpretation and highlight the cultural issue that America has with anything linked to ethnicity.
What do you think? Have you seen it? Do you agree with the review? Is it a racist movie?

April 11, 2012

Lewis Hine

Dear all,

As Carlos suggested, this is an interesting photograph exhibition that you can visit online, or in Sala Recoletos, Fundación Maphre.

It's about the photographs taken by Lewis Hine of the people who entered the USA through the Ellis Island.

Writing feedback

Dear NI2 students,

This is the feedback of your writings in the mock exam. Remember that we learn from our mistakes so that we don't repeat them. Try to correct the sentences on the second page. We'll go over them in class.

April 10, 2012

April 02, 2012

A love for Life

Dear NI2,

We are going to talk about A Love for Life on April 12 and Monday 16th. If you have finished the book, why don't you try to aswer these questions?? You can reply in the comment section!

1.    Which character did you identify with most? Why?
2.    Do you think A Love for Life is a good title? Why or why not? Make up an alternative title.
3.    Leah and Fanella are two very different women. Make a list of their differences.
4.    Rod loves working with children. Would you like to work with children?
5.    Have you read in the newspapers about problems in adoption cases? What happened?
6.    Fanella tells Rod that she hasn’t said anything yet to Ellie about the new baby (page 111). Write the conversation when Fanella gives Ellie the good news.
7.    What do you think happens after the end of the story? Write an extra chapter about what happens to the main characters.
 8.    Imagine you are Mrs Bedrock, Dan’s mother. Write a formal letter of apology to Mrs Grey, the headteacher.