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December 31, 2016

Chapter one and two

How is your reading going? Are you enjoying it? After reading chapter one and two from American Cities, can you answer these questions?

1. What does this painting represent?

2. What are these called?

3. Can you change these verbs into nouns?:
-  grow >
-  settle >
-  hunt >

4. Who were Lewis and Clark?

5. What are "tenements"?

6. What does Ellis Island represent in America?

7. What happened in 1929?

December 21, 2016

Christmas homework assignments


I'd like to remind you of the work to do at Christmas holidays:

- Coursebook: exercises on page 136 (comparisons)

- My gramar Lab: exercises on pages117, 118, 119 & 120 (present perfect simple and present perfect continuous)

- American Cities: read chapter one and two
and work on exercises on pages 4-5; p 13-15; p 24-26)

Have a swell time!

December 15, 2016

American Cities presentation schedule


This is the list of topics to present in January and February. You may want to start doing some research.

American Cities


As some of you couldn't find the reader by Gina D. B. Clemen Blackcat readers (Vicens Vives), I asked the editorial. They told me you could order it online on this link and then you would have it sent to your homes in a couple of days.

We will start reading this book next week: Dec 20th and 21st

How much did the Dutch pay for Manhattan Island in 1614? Where is the world's blue jeans headquarters? Who can you meet in the 'Malibu Colony', near Los Angeles?

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans are America's most distinctive and exciting cities. Similar in some ways and yet completely different in others, they fascinate everyone who visits them. Open this book and find out why.

December 06, 2016

The 45th president

Trump Therapy: With Love from Abroad

Liberal Americans are distraught over Mr. Trump’s victory. So we asked eight international comedians — from Cuba to Nigeria to Saudi Arabia — how they cope with their political angst.

December 02, 2016

Cooking contest

For our Cultural Day on December 22, the school has organized a cooking contest.
If you want to participate, you have to cook a dish from an English speaking country.

Check out these links for new cuisine and all-time-favourites or these recipes.

- Jamie Olivier
- Delia on line
- Martha Steward
- The New York Times cooking Videos
- Get Baking with the Bbc

Where: Room  (sweet dishes) and  (savoury dishes) between 18:30 and 19h
What: Sweet and savoury British or American Recipes
Jury: 1 school member, 1 student, 1 teacher
Prize: English learning materials. 
For requirements to take part, click here

November 29, 2016

Alfred Hitchcock 1960 BBC TV interview

Hitch discusses his film PSYCHO with Robert Robinson on the BBC. 
I recommend visiting the exhibition on this famous film director at Fundación Telefónica, 3 Fuencarral Street


November 28, 2016

A British Christmas tradition: the pantomime!

There’s an unusual British tradition that takes place every year at Christmas called the pantomime (often referred to as the “panto”). A pantomime is basically a Christmas theatre play that’s popular with both children and adults. If you ever find yourself in Britain around Christmas time, you should try to go to one. Here are 6 key elements of a typical pantomime.

If you're in Madrid on 9th to 11th December, come and watch a pantomime (a traditional Christmas play, with music, jokes and songs). You'll have a great time and really improve your English. Click here for tickets and more information!

November 27, 2016

Adelante Africa


This is the Adelante Africa Project that the family on the coursebook listening set up. Have a look at their web page, isn't it fascinating?

Below you'll find the video Jane's son took of her teaching nursery school children.

November 23, 2016

Pumpkin pie recipe


As Thanksgiving approaches, I thought you might want to cook a traditional seasonal dessert. Measures are in cups and ounces. Here is the equivalence:

1/4 cup
2 fl. oz.
60 ml
1/2 cup
4 fl. oz.
125 ml
1 cup
8 fl. oz. 
250 ml
1 1/2 cups
12 fl. oz.
375 ml
2 cups or 1 pint
16 fl. oz.
500 ml

November 18, 2016

Bleed for This

Lovers of boxing movies, delight: in this new addition to the genre, Miles Teller plays Vinny Pazienza (now Vinny Paz), a junior middleweight world champion forced to sideline his career after breaking his neck in a car accident—but only temporarily. As tales of indefatigable heroes go, Pazienza works with another underdog, a potbellied, hard-drinking trainer played by Aaron Eckhart, and training-montages his way back to victory in the ring.

November 17, 2016

Leonard Cohen's Prince of Asturias Speech

How I Got My Song, Leonard Cohen's speech at the Oct 21, 2011 Prince of Asturias Awards

November 14, 2016

Pronouncing well

Let's go over these exercises on sounds seen in class:

Exercise 1
Tick the words that contain the /dʒ/ sound.
1.  gin         5.  yam       9.  jet        13.  damage   
2.  large      6.  soldier  10.  gear    14.  mayor
3.  goat       7.  guilty    11.  just     15.  collage 
4. injury      8.  gum      12. get      16.  college   
Exercise 2 
Underline the word that the transcription represents.
1.  /bɔːn/  burn  born
2.  /θɪŋ/  thing  thin
3.  /fɪːlɪŋz/  fillings feelings
4.  /vɑɪn/  vine  wine
5.  /meɪdʒə/  major  mayor
6.  /ræm/  rum  ram
7.  /wɜːd/  word  worried
8.  /fəget/  forget  forged
9.  /ɑɪs/   eyes  ice
10. /huːz/  whose  house

November 11, 2016

TV series


I'd like you to check this link up. It contains all tv serires that you may want to watch:

November 10, 2016

Not my president!

Why are the people protesting in this video?
What does "impeach" mean?
What does Jennifer think?
And Ray?

November 08, 2016

The alphabet

Let's remember the alphabet:

Family Life 2

What do you think? Say what you think and give reasons about:

Is it right for parents to charge rent to children over 25 who have a job and are living at home?

Write down your opinion below. Students on Monday and Wednesday group are also welcome to comment on this sentence.

November 04, 2016

Family life


Now that we are talking about families in class, how about giving your opinion on this
matter? Say what you think and give reasons.

Elderly parents should live with their children when they are too old to live alone.

Write down your comment below.

Vocabulary pronunciation

Why don't you practice how to pronounce these words?

Character pronunciation
Vegetables pronunciation

October 31, 2016

The Great fire of London

“Dad! Dad! Wake up! Something’s burning!”

When Thomas Farriner, King Charles II’s baker, went to bed on the night of September 1, 1666, he forgot to put out the ovens.  Early the next morning, the wooden house caught fire, and by September 6, when they were finally extinguished, the flames had destroyed 80% of London.

Read about the great fire on London on Oxford Culturemania and play an interactive game!

Play the Great Fire of London game

October 30, 2016

October 26, 2016

Online English TV


This is a wonderful link where you can watch online British TV channels.

British TV channels


October 25, 2016

Shakespeare lives!

Here comes again the Caixa Fórum November program about Shakespeare's 400th anniversary.

Shakespeare lives

October 21, 2016

How to improve your spoken English!

Here are our 13 top tips for improving your spoken English.

speaking how to I
Part I: Preparation
As part of improving your spoken English, you need to get used to producing English sounds. Here’s what you can do.
1 Read aloud
Take a short text (preferably one with an audio file to go with it) and read parts of it out loud. Later, you can compare your version to the original.
2 Repetition
Repeat key sentences and expressions over and over again until they become automatic. Very soon, you’ll have learnt lots of useful phrases you can use in real conversations.
3 Stories
Practise telling your favourite stories or anecdotes. Write them out first. Then, make notes and practise saying them to yourself or a friend. Later, you can use these stories or anecdotes in conversations.
4 Memory
Memorise typical phrases, expressions and sentences. A lot of the language we use when speaking consists of set expressions and chunks of language. For example, “That’s interesting! / I never knew that! / That must have been scary!”
speaking how to II5 Simultaneous speaking
Sing along to your favourite songs, or try to speak at the same time as the character in a video clip or an audio recording you’re familiar with. Simply press play and then start speaking along with the news presenter, actors, singers, etc.
6 Questions
Practise forming questions. Take a piece of text and make questions from sentences in the article or paragraph. For example, “She’s seen it. = Has she seen it?” Asking questions is a good way of participating in a conversation without having to say much.
7 Listening
Work on improving your listening skills so you can follow what people are saying. You can do this by listening to audio files from course books, watching films or TV series, listening to music or watching videos on YouTube. Spend at least 70% of your study time listening to English.

October 18, 2016

7 Foods to Boost Your Mood Naturally


This is the text that you'll orally present in class:

Find out which healthy foods will help boost your mood.

If you’re feeling blue—or want to ward off feeling that way—there are some foods to consider adding to your diet that might help. Studies suggest that the following foods may help reduce stress, ease anxiety and fight depression. See which healthy foods to eat to help you boost your mood.
—Brierley Wright, M.S. R.D.

October 15, 2016

Reviewing irregular past simple verbs

How about reviewing irregular past tenses with Hot English Magazine?
Listen to the key as well.

September 27, 2016

Lessons start on October 6th


Welcome to a new school year. I'd like to inform you that lessons will start on Thursday 6th. I hope you find the lessons motivating and full of enjoyable learning experiences.

Ms Bermejo

September 14, 2016

Free online English course


You might  be interested in this online course to learn English for the workplace. It was created by the British Council.

It's a mooc course, so it's free.

September 05, 2016

September Exam Results


These are your final grades:
Congratulations to those who passed and I hope those who didn't, will do better next year.

Those passing to next course, can see the registration date for NI2 on this link.

September 03, 2016

Speaking schedule for Monday 5th


This is the schedule for the speaking exam on Monday 5th:

16h    Belén M - Carolina D
16:20 Alfonso P - Jorge G
17h    Antonia - Zarco
17:20 Eva M - Petra P

The exam will take place in room 11
You may wait in room 10

Good luck!!

September 01, 2016

Partner needed


I'd like to ask if anyone would be ready to take the oral exam today as well after the written part. Yolanda, a colleague of yours, will need a partner today.

Good luck!

June 29, 2016

September exams


Your exams in September are scheduled as follows:

  • Written Exam (reading, listening, writing): 1st September at 16h
  • Speaking Exam:                                          5th September starting at 16h
  • Grades will be published on:                       6th September
  • Exam check:                                                7th September at 18h

Have a good summer!

June 06, 2016

Final Grades


Your grades are published in these links:
You can see your exams on Tuesday at 19h.

As for registration in the NI2 course:
  1.  You can collect your envelop on June 22nd
  2. and hand it in again on June 23

May 29, 2016

Cincinnati zoo

Cincinnati zoo kills gorilla to save child who slipped into enclosure
Source: CNN
That was a difficult choice, don't you think?
Good luck tomorrow!

May 27, 2016

Can plants communicate?

The subject of plant communication has been hotly debated in the scientific community over the past several decades. While most scientists now agree that communication does occur, there is still considerable controversy about how to interpret these phenomena.

May 25, 2016

Standing-up rephrasing

Hi, You may correct the rephrasing exercise with did in class but didn't find the time to finish.

May 24, 2016

Shakespeare in Song! on Friday 27 at 20h

How to make your brain age better

One of the best ways to keep your brain sharp as you get older may be to stay busy, according to new research. While scientists have previously recommended engaging in mentally challenging activities, a new study suggests that keeping a packed schedule may offer similar benefits.

May 23, 2016

Expressions with "go"

Listen and learn these useful expressions with the verb "go" from HotEnglish:

May 20, 2016

Exam schedule

The written exam on May 30th will follow this schedule:
16h - 17:15    Reading Comprehension
17:20 - 17:50 Listening Comprehension
10 minute Break
18 - 19:10      Written Expression

As you already know, the speaking exam Schedule is as follows:
  1. Speaking Exam on June 2nd
  2. Speaking Exam on June 3rd

May 19, 2016

Assignments for Monday 23 & Tuesday 24


These are the assignments for the weekend:
- Page 105+106 from the course book
- Unit 7 review and extension, p 90
- Rephrasing and Reading comprehension

The active and passive voice

May 14, 2016

Pairs for speaking exam on June 2nd

These are the pairs for Thursday June 2nd:

15:30 Cristina G - Agustín S
15:50 Pilar S - Esther V
16:10 Belén M. - Carmen G
16:30 Cristina R- Juan Carlos C
16:50 Gabriel G - Petra P
17:10 Violeta P - Gema M
17:30 Manuel R - Antonia M
17:50 Alejandra G - Aser V L
18:10 Mariano V - Jara Q
18:30 Juan M - Carlos A
18:50 Soraya G -Vicente P

Pairs for speaking exam on June 3rd


These are the pairs for the speaking exam on Friday June 3rd:

15:30 Eva M- Margarita R
15:50 Eloísa D- Sheila R
16:10 Sonsoles A - Oliver S
16:30 David C-Matías I
16:50 Jorge G - Alfonso P
17:10 Inés G - Horacio G
17:30 Pablo E - Carolina D
17:50 Teresa G - Zarko J
18:10 Ana B - Kelly A
18:30 Irene V - Marta M
18:50 Marta M- Marisa R
19:10 Asier M- Asunción E - Laura G
19:30 Leticia J - Celia L
19:50 Antonio M- María S

May 10, 2016

Are small towns better to live than big cities?

Are small towns safer than big cities? Are they better for the environment? Provide reasons when expressing your opinion in the comment section below.
You may want to get some ideas from this listening at

May 09, 2016

Theater play on Friday 13

This coming Friday 13 we are having a couple of activities at the English Department. First,  Social Media Quiz and then at 19h a fundrising theater play. Don't miss it!

Phrasal Verbs for the phone


These are very useful expressions to be used when talking on the phone. Listen to them as well.

Source: HotEnglish

May 08, 2016

'It’s a brave thing, loving another person': readers share stories of motherhood

As today it's mothering day in the UK, you may find these experiences from The Guardian interesting. Which one do you find more interesting? Mine is ‘For me, being a mother means being in love with yourself.’

Ahead of Mother’s Day we asked readers for their experiences of motherhood, as well as memories of their own mothers. Here are some of their moving stories and tributes

May 05, 2016

Shakespeare in Song!

Singing students are going to perform Shakespeare's songs in two concerts that will take place on
  • Friday 20 May at 12-12:30 at Teresa Braganza's Conservatory (Lucero Metro station)
  • Friday 27 May at Arturo Soria Conservatory
This compilation os songs from Shakespeare will help students follow the lyrics although not all of them will be sung.


May 04, 2016

The Case for the 1-Minute Workout Is Getting Stronger

Is the one minute workout for real? Here’s what you need to know about whether it’s right for you

There’s a lot of talk in the exercise world about high intensity interval training (HIIT) lately, which is exactly what it sounds like — alternating episodes of exercise with periods of less intensive activity or recovery. It’s not an new idea, although many gyms, trainers and some experts are touting it as if it’s a new phenomenon. Professional and elite athletes have been using interval training for nearly a century to maintain their peak performance with the least wear and tear on their bodies. And it’s baked in to workouts like SoulCycle, Cross Fit and many group classes at gyms.

But the concept of HIIT is gaining more momentum lately thanks to research that’s starting to show that such regimens can actually have the same health benefits as continuous, longer workouts—even if the intervals of exercise add up to as little a 60 seconds of burn. (See Introducing the 1-Minute Workout, here.) Of course, that doesn’t mean people are working hard for 1 minute in a whole day. It’s about alternating within a workout.