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June 28, 2011

Schedule for NB1 & NI1 sept exam

Dear all,

This is the schedule for September exam. I hope it's informative enough:

NB1, September 1st
Reading: 16:30 - 17:25
Break (5')
Listening: 17:30- 17:50
Break (5')
Writing: 17:55 - 18:45

Speaking Sept 6th

NI1, September 5th

16h- 16:55
Break 5'
17h- 17:25
Break 5'
17:30 -19h

Speaking Sept 6th



Isabel H- Sara V
Luis A - Rafael L
Charo G - EstherN
Carmen G - Teresa B
Victoria A - Inmaculada F
Victoria F - Miguel Ángel A
César B - Miguel Ángel R


Rafael R - María Montoya
Jorge Peña- Fernando Lario
Mario Medina - Pastora Espinosa
M.ª Carmen Ojeda



Pilar D. - Ana Maria B.
Francisco Javier P- Antonio L - Daniel I
Carlos Delpozo - Manuela B


Juan Alberto R - Josefina C

June 18, 2011

English Summer Courses

Dear all,

As some of you have asked me about summer courses, I believe ACDI may be a nice choice to study some more English in July.

Have a great summer!

June 11, 2011


Dear students,

As promised, I'm posting the suggested readers for this summer. You can find them in La Casa del Libro, FNAC, Booksellers, etc.


- Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (Shakespeare), (B1.1) Blackcat Publishing
- Rob Roy, (Sir Walter Scott) Blackcat Publishing (B1.1)
- Great Mysteries of Our World, Blackcat Publishing (B1.2)

If you haven't read the books I suggested for this year, summer is the perfect season to start:

- This is London with audio cd. Mcmillan
- Princess Diana, A1 Anne Collins. Beginner.
- Washington Square, A1. Henry James. Beginner. Mcmillan


- Macbeth, (Shakespeare) Black Cat Publishing (B2.1)

The same as for NB1, you can read the books I suggested at the beginning of the year. They are wonderful reads!
- In and Around London. Book + CD. Blackcat Publishing (Vicensvives)
- American Cities. Book+CD (Discovery) . Blackcat Publishing

June 08, 2011

September Exams

Dear all,

Find the dates for the exams in September.


Reading, Listening, Writing -> Monday 5th at 16h
Speaking ->
Tuesday 6th at 16h


Reading, Listening, Writing -> Thursday 1st at 16:30
Speaking ->
Tuesday 6th at 16h

I hope you have a great summer and try to do something in English.

June 07, 2011

In Want of Jobs, Protesters take over the Streets

Dear NI1,

I thought you may find it interesting reading about what the New York Times says about Spain today.

Look at the Slide Show and, if you wish, read the article (difficult): An Awakening that keeps them Up All Night about young people in Spain these days.

And how about you? Have you participated in the movement? How? Do you sympathise with them? Why? Why not? Is there any slogan that you liked?

June 06, 2011

June results

Hi there!

I wanted to tell you that your June results will be ready tomorrow Tuesday 7th and you have the possibility of checking up your exams at 20:30 in our regular classroom.

In the meantime, listen to a nice dialogue about "Small Talk" from Hot English Magazine.