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July 27, 2012


These are some recommendations for the Advanced Level:

July 23, 2012

Official Schools in Danger of Extinction

Dear all,
As you already know, the quality of language teaching is being threatened. If you want to vote against the bill that allows the transfer of Official School Teachers to Secondary School and tell your contacts as well, you can do it in this link through facebook.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

July 16, 2012

And now, the schools

Dear all,

As you may already know, students' taxes next school year will be higher, between 250 and 280 euros. All civil servants will see their salary reduced AGAIN. What's more, there is a Royal Decree in project which says that teachers from the official schools will be liable to be transferred to Secondary Schools, baccalaureate or vocational training. 

You may not know that doing courses and improving our knowledge as teachers is a must and a right as well. But in the last 4 years there haven't been many courses to improve our teaching practice. 

I'm afraid that these tendencies are all heading to eliminate the Official Schools of Languages. I suppose the plan is to offer foreign language teaching to private business. 

I just feel we need to be informed.