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April 15, 2015

Talk about a film you've recently seen


It would be a good idea to prepare a speech on a film you've seen this year and be ready to speak about the following:

  • What kind of film is it?
  • Is it based on a book or a real event?
  • Where and when is it set?
  • Who's in it? Who is it directed by?
  • Does it have a good plot?
  • Does it have a good soundtrack?
  • Why did you like it?

April 14, 2015

Technology at the Winter Olympics

A view of Sochi through the Olympic rings

A view of Sochi through the Olympic rings

The 2014 Winter Olympics took place in Sochi, Russia. It's the most expensive Olympic Games ever.
For world-class athletes it's a chance to perform to the best of their ability and win that gold medal for their country. And many of them are choosing new technology to help them improve their speed. Rob and Finn discuss the role of new technology at the Sochi Olympics and explain some sports-related vocabulary.

This week's question:
One winter sport event in this Olympics is the biathlon. It involves competitors doing two things but what are they? Are they:

a) Cross-country skiing and rifle shooting
b) Downhill skiing and rifle shooting
c) Cross-country skiing and swimming

Listen to the BBC learning English programme to find out the answer.

April 13, 2015

The Harlequins, FC


I'd like you to read about these sports issues so that we can work with it in class.

The Harlequin Football Club (Harlequins or Quins for short) are an English rugby union team who play in the top level of English rugby, the English Premiership. Their ground in London is The Twickenham Stoop. For sponsorship reasons they were formerly known as NEC Harlequins, but principal sponsorship is currently held by DHL, Adidas and IG.

Between 2006 and 2011, the club shared its stadium with the rugby league team London Broncos, who were known during this period as Harlequins Rugby League and used a similar kit to the rugby union side.

In 2009 the club's reputation was seriously tarnished by its abuse of the blood-substitution, in an incident which became known as Bloodgate. Since then Harlequins have worked hard to re-establish their good name. They were crowned winners of the European Challenge Cup in 2011, the English Premiership for the first time, in 2012 and won the LV= Cup in 2013.
Source: wikepedia

Nelson Piquet Junior

Nelson Piquet (born July 25, 1985 in Heidelberg, West Germany), also known as Nelson Piquet Junior or Nelsinho Piquet, is a Brazilian stock car racing driver and former Formula One driver. He currently competes in Global Rallycross for SH Racing.

The son of three-time Formula One world champion Nelson Piquet, he was signed as test driver for Renault Formula One team for the 2007 season, and was promoted to the race team for 2008, before being dropped midway through the 2009 season. After losing his drive, it emerged that he had, under instruction from senior members of the team, crashed deliberately at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix to help his teammate, Fernando Alonso, win the race; the resulting scandal became one of the most significant in the sport's history. Source: Wikipedia

April 12, 2015

Cinema language
In this BBC webpage you can listen to a dialogue about two people going to the cinema.

Review the expressions used and more in the Language point.

Try you knowledge on vocabulary learnt at esl lounge.

April 09, 2015

Three little pigs

This is an old post that I would like to use again.  
You may already know the story of the three little pigs, how about in English? Do you know how to tell it in English? Why don't you give it a try after watching this video? How do you start a tale? How do you finish it?

After listening to the old tale, why not watching the real end of the story of The Three Little Pigs? is it fair what happened to them? is it always right to kill the intruder? The Guardian, Open Journalism.

April 04, 2015

4 easy languages for you to learn

Do you agree with this article from Hot English magazine? You can also listen to it.
Which language are you going to learn next?

April 02, 2015

Food revolution day


James Oliver, the popular British cook, has launched this petition to support his message. May 15th has been named food revolution day. Listen to it, and if you agree, sign it!

March 31, 2015

Giving reasons

These expressions are for you to give reasons and explanations:
To start with,                                               That's why...,
The reason why...,                                       That's the reason why...,
For this reason...,                                        Many people think....,

March 30, 2015

Spring Break Assignments


For those who couldn't make it the last day, the homework assignment is:

Speaking practice:
  • Monologue on Friendship, page 50
  • Habits in the past, p 49
  • Tell a story about a disastrous journey (Tuesday & Thursday group)

March 29, 2015

Expressing Opinions, prefereces


These are some expressions that you may learn to express your opinion:

I think...,                                           The way I see it...,
In my opinion...,                                 I suppose...,
I'd like to...,                                       If it were up to me...,
I'd rather...,                                       As far as I'm concerned...,
I'd prefer...,                                       I'm pretty sure that...,
I suspect that...,                                 Without a doubt,...
It is fairly certain that...,                      I strongly believe that...,
I'm convinced that...,                          I honestly feel that,        

March 28, 2015



These are wonderful podcasts for you to listen to on your mp3 player, mobile, etc. You are also asked to repeat key phrases and expressions.

This link to dropbox will enable you to download them as well as the transcript for extra help.

Source: Englishpod

Have fun!

March 19, 2015

Let's review


It's time to review. Why don't you go over these exercises related to the latest contents given in class?
Don't forget that you can build your own test in this Oxford Universty Press link:
Happy father's day to all dads! Just take into accound that this day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June in both UK and USA.

March 18, 2015

Burial site of 'Don Quixote' author Miguel de Cervantes confirmed


Scientists say they've found the burial place of the influential author.

Miguel de Cervantes died in 1616

(CNN)"In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd," wrote Miguel de Cervantes, the Shakespeare of Spain. And the quest to find his remains has sometimes seemed both, even (dare one say it) quixotic in a time of recession. But forensic scientists have persevered, and appear to have triumphed.
Almost 400 years after Cervantes' death, a team led by Francisco Etxeberria announced Tuesday that they were confident they had found Cervantes' coffin in the crypt of the Convent of the Barefoot Trinitarians in the Barrio de Las Letras (Literary Quarter) in Madrid. Historical records indicated Cervantes had been buried there, but the convent had been substantially rebuilt since. (Etxeberria, incidentally, performed the autopsy on former Chilean President Gen. Salvador Allende, confirming he had committed suicide.)
At a news conference in Madrid on Tuesday, Etxeberria said that while there was no mathematical proof or DNA test available to completely verify the findings, there were "many coincidences and no discrepancies" in the examination of "Osario 32," a common grave in the crypt that contained the remains of 16 people.

March 16, 2015

Mystery Story

A short mystery story to present narrative tenses in English, including past simple, past continuous and past perfect. Click this link for a worksheet, transcript, grammar explanations and a free podcast.
Luke's English podcast:

March 15, 2015

15 top tips for increasing your range of vocabulary!

Vocabulary is a key part of learning a new language. But what’s the best way to pick up new words and remember them? Here are our top tips for building up your vocabulary.

1 Read & listen!
The best way to learn new words is to do it the natural way: by reading and listening to lots of English. And if you read and listen to things that you’re really interested in, you’ll improve your range of vocabulary without even realising it as you absorb language within interesting content.
2 Guess!
Interestingly, studies have shown that the more effort you put into working out what a word means, the easier it is to remember. So, instead of reaching for the dictionary, try to guess the meaning of any difficult words.
3 Focus!
There are thousands of words and expressions in English. But which ones do you need to learn? The answer is simple: high-frequency words. You can find high-frequency words in dialogues or conversations. Interestingly, a study by Oxford Online has found that the top 3,000 words in English make up 70% of the words we use.

March 14, 2015

Love has no labels

While the vast majority of Americans consider themselves unprejudiced, many of us unintentionally make snap judgments about people based on what we see—whether it’s race, age, gender, religion, sexuality, or disability. This may be a significant reason many people in the U.S. report they feel discriminated against. Subconscious prejudice—called “implicit bias”—has profound implications for how we view and interact with others who are different from us. It can hinder a person’s ability to find a job, secure a loan, rent an apartment, or get a fair trial, perpetuating disparities in American society.

The Love Has No Labels campaign challenges us to open our eyes to our bias and prejudice and work to stop it in ourselves, our friends, our families, and our colleagues.