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April 30, 2011

Key to grammar exercises

Dear NI1 students,

You can find the key to the homework assignment attached.

Have a good long weekend!

April 29, 2011

Dear NB1 students,

This is the schedule for the speaking exam on May 23rd & 25th:

Monday 23rd 2011
17:30 - Manuela R & Alberto R
17:45 - Teresa N & Manuela B
18:00 - Josefina C & Trinidad M
18:15 - Pilar D & Jorge B
18:30 -
Elena L & Ana F
18:45 - Antonia M & Gema M

Wednesday 25th, 2011
17:30 - Mª Luisa A & Ángel M
17:45 -
Juan L & Antonio R L
18:00 - Lourdes S & Inma
18:15 - Reyes M & Silvia G
18:30 - Daniel & Carmen B


Dear NB1 students,

Find the key to the exersice on questions. We will correct the rest of the sentences in class:

1. Where did they go (to)?
2. How long does it take to get there?
3. How much does he earn?
4. How much was Tom fined? (multado)
5. How did they come?
6. When did they leave the country?
7. How long have you been here? (difficult)
8. Have you already done it? (difficult)
9. Where did they go yesterday?
10. Where did he meet her?
11. What did the neighbours complain about?
12. What was the hotel like?
13. Where is the market? (a stone's throw)
14. How old is he?
15. What did he go to the bank for? (diificult)
16. How long have you been waiting? (difficult)
17. Have you ever been there? (difficult)
18. What were the roads like?
19. Whose is this?
20. Whose car did you borrow?

April 27, 2011

Tuesday & Thursday NI1 group

Dear students,
This is the schedule for the speaking pairs on May 24th & 26th.
Good luck!


19:30 - Javier F & Miguel Ángel A
19:50 - Inma M & Isabel H
20:10 - Andrea G & Layla K
20:30 - Ana S & Beatriz O

19:30 - Gloria E & Miguel Ángel R
19:50 - Montse S & César B
20:10 - Cristina N & Cristina M.
20:30 - Paqui P. & María S.
20:50 - Rafael R & Carmen O

April 25, 2011

Making appointments

In this wonderful link from VOA English you can practice how to make appointments and do some listening at the same time.

April 24, 2011

Words and their stories

Listen to this interesting podcast from VOA English about different idiomatic expressions with the word "cat".

You can download the podcast on your computer or mp3 players!

How do you finish this saying When the cat's away ... ?
What's your favourite expression with "cat"?

April 21, 2011

Exam Dates

Dear all,

These are the dates for the exam in May:
NI1 15:30- 17:30
May 16th & May 18th
Speaking: May 23rd & 25th

Revision: May 30th

NI1 19:30 - 21:30
May 17th & 19th
Speaking: May 24th & 26th

Revision: May 27th

Written exam: May 18th
Speaking exam: May 23rd & 25th
Revision: May 30th

April 20, 2011

A big cleanup

Dear NI1 students,

As we agreed in class, this is the key to the text I assigned for holiday, A big Cleanup:

1. incineration
2. recycling
3. zero waste
4. landfilling


1. False
2. False
3. True
4. False
5. False
6. True
7. True
8. True
9. False
10. True


1. C

2. A

3. C

4. B

5. B

6. C











1. enormous

2. reduce

3. convinced

4. target

5. foresee

6. advantage

7. option

8. profitable



2- d







April 18, 2011

Listen to some topics

Dear NB1 students,

In the following links from you can see different situations that you may find useful for the speaking exam. There are comprehension questions that you may answer as well.

Listen to a dialogue about your house.
- Favourite food
- Favourite Actor
- The perfect Day
- Lunch

April 15, 2011

NI1 speaking test topics

Dear NI1 students,

As suggested, why don't we all together write the topics for the speaking exam in May?
For example, one topic will be the environment. What else? Remember that there are two parts, a three-minute speech and interaction with your partners.

BTW do you like the picture of my hometown?
Have a great Spring Break!

April 14, 2011

Topics for the NB1 speaking exam in May

1. Your typical day
2. Your weekends

3. Describe your house, where is it located?
4. Your favorite room in your house
5. A famous person (author, actor…)
6. Think of 2 relatives and talk about them
7. Your friends
8. Three important dates in your life
9. Yesterday

10. Talk about a special day or celebration
a. A wedding, a birthday party, a retirement party, New Year’s Eve
b. When was it?
c. What did you dd. o?
d. Who did you meet? When did it finish?...
11. Talk about food
a. Your opinion about miracle diets;
b. Are you a fussy eater?;
c. The food you like; Do you often eat out? Where? ….
12. Travelling.

a. Do you like travelling?
b. Are you afraid of flying?
c. What is the best means of transport?
d. How do you normally travel?
e. How is traffic in your town?
f. How long does it take you to get to work/ school? …
13. A healthy living.

a. Are you often ill?;
b. When was the last time you had a cold?
c. How often do you go to the doctor?
d. When was the last time you went to the doctor?
e. Do you exercise? / Do you smoke?
f. Do you have a healthy diet? ...
14. Talk about a city

a. Compare your city to Madrid / compare two cities
b. Are the people friendly?; Is it expensive? Is it dangerous?
c. Are there interesting things to see? Is it noisy? Is it polluted? …
15. Plans for the future
a. for the summer/ at work / school/ family / English…)