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Working abroad

These are wonderful links Alicia talked to us about today. They are all related to jobsearching so you may find very good tips on them:
  1. Video-  Are job fairs the best route to finding employment?
  2. Video-  Botox your CV and online profile
  3. Video- Six steps to abetter job interview



Business Language to go

This is a wonderful series on business collocations and chunks. 

Part 1

In this first episode of Business Language To Go: Job Interviews.


Your CV in English. Europass:



This is a link to the Community of Madrid's Website where you can find info on studying and working in Europe. Its name is "Comunidad de Madrid - Corazón de Europa". It was created by the organism that gave the speech on the European Union, el Centro de Documentación Europea,

You may find "VIVIR EN EUROPA" on the horizontal bar useful, especifically:

trabajar / estudiar / derechos / info práctica para viajar.

As for studying this is the most remarkable:

Panorama general e información por países
Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior
Movilidad de los estudiantes en Europa

But also:

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