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September 27, 2010

Writing Assignments

These are the writing assignments for NI1 students throughout the school year:


- 20th – 21st Oct: Describing a holiday (in class), p71 (5b)

- 17th – 18th Nov: Notices at work (2 notices), p73 (5b)

- 15th – 16th Dec: Holiday Arrangements, 75 (5b)

- 10nd – 11rd Jan: A book review, p77 (8b)

- 2th – 3rd Feb: Write an email, p79 (5b)

- 2nd – 3rd March: Letter to a newspaper, p81 (5b)

- 29nd – 30th March: Instructions, p83 (8b)

- 27th – 28th Apr: Write a formal letter to a local newspaper about a problem in your city, p85

- 11th – 12th May: Write a letter of application, p87 (6b)

Describing people, p89, (6b)

Describe an important moment in your life, p93 (6b)

September 21, 2010


Welcome to a brandnew course! I wish you all a great year full of learning experiences.
I'll be teaching NI1 and NB1 so I'll make sure who the information in the post is for. You should feel free to drop your opinion in the "comentario" section.
We'll be doing some readers in class (more later on) and we'll use the following coursebooks:

NB1: Straightforward. Elementary. Student’s Book and Workbook with key. Lindsay Clandfield. McMillan, 2006.
NI1: Face 2 Face Intermediate. Intermediate. Students’ Book and Workbook with key. Chris Redston and Gillie Cunningham. Cambridge University Press, 2009.