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February 24, 2010

February 23, 2010

Toyota Recall reaches Europe

You can listen to the activity we did in class about Toyota Recalls again and review interesting news vocabulary.

29 January 2001
Toyota is to expand a huge safety recall of some of its cars to Europe. It has already recalled 2.3 million vehicles in North America and has suspended production and sales of eight models.

February 21, 2010

To my dad

You've always been my guide, even when we were far away. You've always set up an example of strong willingness, determination and hard work to follow. I always learned from you.
Your generosity, sense of inclusion, respect for others' decisions will find a way on me.

My words fail to convey the sense of responsibility, loyalty, bravery, and optimism with which you led your life till the very end. I cannot comprehend my whole life without you for I'm part of you and you live through me.
Your candle is burnt out, your legend never will.
I love you!

February 13, 2010

Language Review, Unit4



1. is 2. ever seen 3. was studying 4. read 5. saw 6. were 7. had been wondering 8. had read 9. wasn't 10. realised 11. has always been 12. feel

EX. 2
1. What I hate most is people gossiping.
2. It's being a successful author that he wants most.
3. It was only when I saw the film version that...
4. When I'm on holiday, reading is all I want to do.
5. It wasn't until the end of the story, I realised she was lying.

1. flooding 2. blank 3. back 4. brought 5. looking 6. momories 7. vividly 8. nostalgic

EX. 4
1. idiotic 2. traumatic 3. colossal 4. fatuous 5. excruciating 6. tremendous 7. dazzling 8. immense

February 12, 2010

Neighbours from hell

Hi! Have a look at this video about people discussing about Neighbours from Hell! How do they interact? How do they contribute to the topic? How is a person in the group invited to talk?
You can watch more videos about:
- The secret to exercising more
- Political Protest
- Cooking shows

mai·son·ette n. Chiefly British
2. An apartment occupying two or more floors of a larger building and often having its own entrance from outside.

February 09, 2010


Listen to this podcast from the BBC about how to make suggestions. This is some info you already know, it's just a reminder that you need to use these expressions when giving options:

I think we should help him write a cover letter.

Why don't we help him make a cv?
Why not introduce him to some well-branched friends?
Perhaps we could phone him!
Maybe we should encourage him to take up a new sport.
Once you've listened to it, don't forget to practice! (Extra quiz in the comentario!)

Everyday Language Strategies

Saying Hello / How are you?
Howdy! Hiya! How're things?
How are you doing?

What's up? / (in short, extra cool!)
Sup? (meaning, Hello, dudes / peeps / guys! What's going on?)
What have you been up to, lately? (Don't use it with people you don't know – to be up to something may indicate some naughty purpose, too!) meaning What have you been doing lately?

What's it like?
(Your friend is in NYC)
What's it like? (What's it like in NYC?) meaning, What is NYC like? (more detailed description) What did you do? Did you enjoy it?
(Your friend went to a party) What was it like? (meaning, How was that? (good/bad)
Me suena... (I think I know that...)
(You see someone, you don't remember who it is, suddenly you realize who it is! And that you know this person) I knew you looked familiar!
(Do you know "The Dangerous Kitchen"?) It (actually) rings a bell... (I must’ve heard about it, I may actually know about it but I can't remember just now)

It sucks – That sucks (Meaning I don't like it)
That is really bad / crappy / lousy...
That rocks – You rock (my world) (Meaning I love it!)
That's/You're really cool / You're so very important in my life...
Are you in? (Te/os apuntáis? Are you joining in?)
I'm In (me apunto)
Is it on? (Shall we do it? Have we got a deal here?)
It's on! (Hace! OK, then -- we've got a deal! We'll do it!)
I'm out of here! (I'm leaving right away!)
Get me out of here! (Help me escape!)
I want Out! (I want to leave right away!)
I want In! (I want to be part of that)

February 07, 2010

Generation Disappointment

This weekend you should be reading the following text as we will comment on it in class on Monday 8th.
The Broken Hopes of a Spanish Generation from the Time Magazine.
Find the questions on the text, here!

Lorena Dominguez, 23, is a former automobile worker who lost her job when the local Peugeot-Citroen car plant shut down in her home town of Vigo, Spain

Do you think the article reflects what is happening to young people nowadays? Do you identify with the people depicted? Are there any chances of recovery from the current economic crisis?
What's your opinion? Feel free to post your comments!

February 05, 2010


 It's a good idea to vary your expressions when agreeing. Here you can find a few ones to use in dialogues:
I entirely agree

I absolutely agree (on that)
You’re right.
You’re absolutely right.
I think you're right!
I think that's a really good point Sure
That’s a good point
That makes sense

Yes, that sounds sensible
I really liked what you said about…
I'd definitely agree on that (notice "would") I suppose your right!
I wouldn't argue with you on that! :)
That's precisely my point
That's exactly my point! I don't quite agree with you on that
I don't quite agree on what you said about
I don't quite agree on the part about...

Reaching an Agreement

Dear all,

By now you must have already received your dialogues on a school magazine on your emails.
I'd like you to take note of the following expressions you should try to learn when reaching an agreement:

So we agree on that, then.
Great! / Yeepee! / Well done!
We need to celebrate
Shall we move on to the next point?
Now we need to agree on (pending issue)
Now we need to solve (whichever problem)
So that's decided, then. Any other pending question?
So that's decided
Anything else to deal with?
Anything else to talk about?
I have a proposal/suggestion?
I have an idea!

February 02, 2010


Hey the class! What do you think of this movie? Have you seen it?